Envisioning Alternative Futures

In order to participate in the creation of a brighter future for all, we must be able to imagine what that future might be. Dark images abound in our world, reinforced by the media. Many artists choose to reflect this darkness in their artwork. I don't see this as necessarily "wrong", but I choose to create artwork that helps to envision and create a more peaceful world infused with spiritual light. I don't believe that our species' fate is predetermined. Many possible alternative futures are possible. Our love, respect for the dignity of all, and our creativity will help to determine our future. 


Stalactites Crystals Among The Stars

Current Artistic Focus

Welcome to my arts and ideas website. I hope that you will enjoy viewing my creations. There are three galleries that include recent work. Nebulae Gallery features paintings based on nebulae. Abstracts includes a mixed collection of abstractions. Anaglyph 3D features 3D images that require 3D anaglyph glasses (red-cyan) that will enable you to see images that appear to jump off the screen! My blog includes six articles that explore a variety of art-related topics.

Many of the paintings reflect my interests in cosmology and spirituality. Some are inspired by new discoveries in astronomy and physics*. You will find some that are just playful fantasies. 

All of the artwork on this website was created digitally. I’ve been investigating the Mandelbulber 3D Fractal Explorer as a tool for creating a new type of art work. I use this tool in conjunction with Photoshop. I really enjoy creating images that are unique and the Mandelbulber program supports this aim.

*See my article on cosmology.

As a species, humans have reached what must be a pivotal moment in our evolution. Looking outward we have reached the edge of our solar system with our space probes and have already cataloged hundreds of exoplanets. (def.: a planet that orbits a star outside the solar system). In order to look inward with greater clarity millions turn to meditation, prayer, deep contemplation, and some are lucid dreaming.  Additional millions explore art as a means of self-discovery and expression. This site's blog explores the profound nature of the inner & outer worlds we have access to.


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