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Uplifting Artwork for All Environments

My artistic aim has long been to create artwork that is beautiful, uplifting and inspiring. This is just what the current age and these difficult times call for. 


Stalactite Crystals Among The Stars

Website Guide

The menu links to four galleries that display my current work: Interior Design includes artworks chosen for interior design projects and corporate collections, Nebulae Gallery features paintings based on nebulae. Abstracts includes a mixed collection of abstract paintings. Anaglyph 3D features 3D images that require 3D anaglyph glasses for proper viewing. The blog includes six articles that I've written that explore a variety of art-related topics.

Many of the paintings reflect my interests in cosmology and Zen. Some are inspired by new discoveries in astronomy and physics*. You will find some that are just playful fantasies. 

All of the artwork on this website was created digitally. My primary tools are the Mandelbulber 3D Fractal Explorer and Photoshop.

*See my article on cosmology.

American Artwork 2021 Edition

Find me on page 80!

I am very pleased that I was chosen to be included in this year's edition of this fine publication.

Blog: From Innerworlds to Exoplanets

As a species, humans have reached what must be a pivotal moment in our evolution. Looking outward we have reached the edge of our solar system with our space probes and have already cataloged hundreds of exoplanets. (def.: a planet that orbits a star outside the solar system). In order to look inward with greater clarity millions turn to mediation, prayer, and deep contemplation. Additional millions explore art as a means of self-discovery and expression. This site's blog explores the profound nature of the inner & outer worlds we have access to. These worlds are reflected in my artwork.

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