Inter-Dimensional Translation


I am actively seeking creative and business collaborators. Below are some examples of what I am interested in. I'd greatly appreciate hearing your comments and ideas.

Architecture. I would like to work with architects that want  to explore using my images in a large format and integrate them into their architectural designs. One technology that is of particular interest for this application is DuPont™ SentryGlas® Expressions™. It involves interlayers that are digitally printed in high definition using proprietary ink jet and PVB interlayer technology. The result is astonishing imagery and design textures, protected within the laminated safety glass.

Fabric. Today's printers are amazing. They can faithfully reproduce images on a wide variety of fabrics. If you know this technology and market and would like to partner, I'd like to hear from you.

Performance Arts. If you are in a dance or theatre company and you would like to include my images in your productions, please contact me.

Business. I’m looking for creative entrepreneurs who would like to market my art. Corporate sales, gallery shows, and licensing opportunities are all of interest. I'm currently reviewing proposals from individuals that like my art and can put forth a credible plan for marketing it. The plan can be very brief, but it has to show potential. I have a large body of work and can afford to be generous with my marketing partners. Please let me know what type of agreement would work for you. 

Inter-dimensional Translation


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