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A Pivotal Moment in Evolution

As a species, humans have reached what must be a pivotal moment in our evolution. Looking outward we have reached the edge of our solar system with our space probes and have already cataloged hundreds of exoplanets. In order to look inward with greater clarity, millions of people are meditating on a daily basis and some are learning lucid dreaming. Additional millions explore art as a means of self-discovery and expression. Advances in software technology allow digital artists the opportunity to explore imagery in a great variety of fascinating ways. Thus they can create art works to share their inner experiences more effectively.

Leonard Shlain, author of Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time and Light, believes that visionary artists can help us to see the world in new ways. He documents many examples of the almost simultaneous discoveries of visionary artists and revolutionary physicists. According to Shlain, Cezanne created many paintings in which objects are integral to the space and are clearly effected by it. To quote Shlain, "Cezanne interlocked broad planes of space with equally broad plans of mass". Einstein's General Theory of Relativity describes the interconnected relationship between space, time and matter. Shlain believes that Cezanne, and the Cubist painters he influenced, helped Einstein to better visualize this relationship. While individual examples provided by Shlain can be debated, taken as a whole his book provides a good deal of evidence in support of his thesis and I recommend it. You may also want to check out this interview with Shlain, posted on YouTube. My interests include art, cosmology and Zen Buddhism. For most of my adult life I have had an interest in learning about inner and outer worlds (astronomy & physics). My art reflects this exploration. It includes fanciful representations of exoplanet landscapes. I regard my work to be Transpersonal Art because it reflects the meditative - transpersonal state from which I create many of my images. I use my graphic software to fine-tune each image so that it will communicate the "feeling-tone" I want. In this blog I’ll share some of my artistic creations and art-related ideas. In addition, I'll share more great links and invite folks who like my work to collaborate with me on creative projects in the performance arts, architecture, etc. I hope you’ll enjoy this blog. Please share your comments and insights. The image included in this blog is titled: "Contemplation on the Orion Nebula".

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