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Collaboration: Pathway to Discovery

I'm a big fan of collaboration of all types. When individuals from diverse fields share their insights and approaches, the cross-fertilization that occurs can be very productive. In this newsletter I want to share a few examples with you and extend an invitation to collaborate. A wonderful collaboration project was Stanford's, Imagining the Universe: Cosmology in Art and Science. This was a series of events (launched 10/14) that included speakers, performances and an exhibition. The exhibition component was based on an earlier collaboration between the American artist Robert Raushenberg and NASA that documented the launch of Apollo 11. Rauschenberg produced a series of thirty-four lithographs with images that included astronauts and space program related graphic elements. This collection of lithographs was on display at Standford's Cantor Arts Center during the project. Check out this link to Stanford's webpage regarding, Imagining the Universe, to learn more.

His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, hosted Mind and Life Dialogues (1987 - 2014) that brought together scientists, philosophers, contemplatives and others. Some recent past dialogues were: Mapping the Mind (2014), Craving, Desire, and Addiction (2013), Mind, Brain, and Matter: Critical Conversations Between Buddhist Thought and Science (2013). These dialogues helped individuals from many different fields to find creative new approaches and achieve an expanded worldview. (Link to Mind & Life Institute, to learn more) A recent collaboration between artists and scientists is the movie, The Martian. My wife, Peggy, and I saw it and think it is a terrific movie. It envisions our species early attempts to leave our home planet and to explore a new world. As a species, we are expanding our worldview to include being active participants in a much larger physical and spiritual sphere. The symbolism of "going into space" is very powerful. It is somewhat like the symbolism of "climbing the mountain". When we get to the summit of a mountain we obtain a big-picture view of our environment. By going into space, we have obtained an almost infinitely larger big-picture view of our environment. Also, by going into space we have transcended the bounds of our earthly home and when we transcend spiritually we go beyond the bounds of the egoic mind. I am interested in collaborating with architects, performance artists, product developers, entrepreneurs and others who like my artwork. Today's printing technologies enable us to create high-resolution, large format reproductions that can be stunning - when based on a great image. Images can be transposed onto canvas, silk, metal, acrylic, etc. They can also be projected onto dancers, buildings and other structures. These approaches provide the basis for many types of interesting collaboration. If you would like to discuss collaborating with me, send a note.

The digital painting included with this newsletter is titled, Vidish and Partner Dhral on Exoplanet Kepler-186f. This surrealist image merges many elements into one: beings, planet, architecture and geometry. As such, it functions as a metaphor of our evolving sense of oneness. It also conveys the idea of exploring endless possibilities. Notice that Vidish and Dhral are collaborating on a creative composition - a true "New World Symphony"!

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